A Repeat Prescription

Cambridge, 21st February 2002
Well, having decided that my last Continuation sail was really a bit too relaxing, I've put myself down for another go at the same course. The added bonus is that since they had to have a boat in London to show to a potential sponsor, our training sail has the job of taking it back to Southampton. It will count as my first actual journey sailing, as opposed to just a quick trip around the block and back home for supper.

Once again I don't know any of my fellow volunteers, but I do know the mate on board, Tim, who was the mate on my last training sail. Since Ellen, another volunteer, lives a few miles outside Cambridge in Impington, we've arranged to travel down to London together on the train. It should be a good chance to have a chat - once again those yellow jackets are going to come in handy for finding each other on the platform.

I've expanded my range of sailing kit, taking advantage of a discount from Musto, who help the race out and provide most of the heavy duty outer gear. I've now got my own mid layer stuff, which is basically the same kind of thing as the outer gear; salopettes and a jacket from warm waterproof material. Hopefully it will help keep me nice and snug whatever the conditions are like.

We're sailing from St Katharine's Dock, which is next to Tower Bridge and opposite the Tower or London; I'm really looking forward to being in a Challenge boat right in the middle of London - a little more on show than Plymouth or Southampton where the sight it perhaps a little more common. I'll try and take some photos on the way out - I just hope the weather's decent enough!