All Change

Cambridge, 21st November 2001
Well faster than I though, my Continuation sail starts tomorrow. It's the second of the four main training sails that I'll be going on before the race crews are announced in just over two years time. Right now, I'm just pleased that I did the corporate work in the summer, since all the training manuals seems to make a lot more sense.

The one big change since last time I wrote in this journal is that I've got something else to focus on between now and the race; I'm now expecting to be a father next summer! So I can now add having to leave Caroline (my girlfriend) and small toddler for almost all of a ten month period to the list of challenges I'll have to face. Not something that I'm looking forward to at all, and it makes my feelings on watching the family reunions at the finish of the last race even more prescient.

Still, I'm resolved still to do the race, and I guess we'll have to deal with that later when it happens. Right now I just have to focus on putting lessons learnt over the summer to obvious effect. Although I don't yet know any of the volunteers training with me this week, the skipper is Cal who was on my first training sail in March. I also met him over the summer a few times, so he knows what I've done before - whether this is good or bad time well tell. The boat we're sailing on is the prototype version of the current race fleet. It's almost the same as the 72 foot race boats; I haven't yet been on it to see what the differences are though.

I'll try and keep track of what happens so I can write about it but given we're doing some all night sailing with a 4 hour watch system that might be tricky. Thankfully I'm trying out some contact lenses that you leave in while you sleep, so at least I won't have to put them in every time I get up inside a rolling and pitching boat!