Sailing tomorrow!

Cambridge, 8th March 2001
Well the moment has finally arrived - I'm off sailing tomorrow. I've to be at Plymouth tomorrow evening to meet up with the rest of the crew and we start on friday morning. I've had a kit list through, and suddenly gone from being a miser to spending quite a bit of cash on essentials. What's a little strange is that never having done this before, I've only the list from the organisers to go on. It's a constrast from rowing, where I've done it for so long I know exactly what I'll need based on the current weather and training plan.

I had a trip down to London on Saturday to watch the Women's Eights Head, and also to go shopping for sailing boots. Much to my dismay, the pair I need aren't actually stocked by anyone, so I've had to mail order them - they should be arriving tomorrow morning! I'll not be impressed if they don't arrive...

So what am I feeling about the forthcoming week? It's going to be really nice to get out of Cambridge for a bit, and to finally getting on the challenge. It seems ages since the interview last November, although the actual event is still so far off. This should bring it a bit nearer though. It's quite nerve-racking though, as I've not much idea of what to expect. I suspect that will most definitely live up to my expectations though!