Corporate Gallery

These photos were all taken in the middle two weeks of August 2001. I was crew on board LG Flatron, doing day trips in the Solent with guests from the companies that sponsored the boat during the BT Global Challenge 2000-2001.

Most boats pictured are the Challenge fleet of 72" race boats; the very large sailing boats pictured are three J-class yachts (Endeavour, Shamrock, Velsheda) that were racing in the America's Cup Jubilee Regatta the second week I was there.

The girl sitting on her own in one photo is my girlfriend, Caroline, who came to visit on the middle weekend. The rest of the crew I was sailing with can be seen on the penultimate photo - Paul is on the near left, Alex is next to the wheel facing right, Olly is next to him looking at me. The last photo is a suitably cheesy picture of myself at the helm.

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