Continuation 2 Gallery

These photos were taken on my second Continuation training sail, the 21st-26th February 2002. We were on Norwich Union (Challenge 46), sailing from St Katharine's Dock in London to Ocean Village in Southampton. All though the week it was a westerly force 8, meaning that once we were out of the Thames Estuary it was sailing upwind all the way home.
These were taken as we were waiting for the lock to open at 8am. The light was pretty low, which is why the photos aren't that good.
The first is the boat moving in the dock leading to the Thames, then these were taken of Tower Bridge as we motored out.
On the way out we passed the Dome and the Thames Barrier. We were motoring all the way out, since the River was too narrow and busy to sail.
We were sailing downwind here as the sun set, ready to turn the corner and head for Dover for the night.
The fun job of putting putting sail ties in a reef to stop the excess sail flapping around. I'm the one at the back trying to hang on.
All these four shots were on the second day, going from Dover to Brighton. Pretty nasty conditions.
The third day saw us move from Brighton to Portsmouth. Conditions were a bit better, although the day started with a lifeboat rescue for a boat involved in a local sunday morning race where their skipper had broken his arm.
Back in the Solent and Southampton Water for the last day, and we finally get to meet up with the other boats training. We also get the trisail up (the red sail replacing the mainsail).
A couple of publicity shots for Ellen here.
A group shot of all the crew volunteers on this sail. Front row (left to right) we have Mel, Martin, Ruby and Ellen. Back row we have myself, Rhod, Geoff, Craig and Julian.