Continuation Gallery

These photos were taken on my Continuation Training sail, 22nd-27th November 2001. Click on a photo to see the full picture. We were training on Challenge 36, which is the prototype boat for the 72 foot race fleet. However, it's almost identical to the race fleet so ideal to practice in.
These two were taken after coming back from a training run on the first morning, showing our yacht Challenge 36 and Ocean Village Marina. You can download the first in high resolution to use as a background wallpaper.
Again on the first day, it was a chance to get used to being back on the boats.
Struggling the get the spinnaker out on the second day.
...and it's up, first time under spinnaker for me and some of the crew
Some nutter has to be hoisted to the end of the pole when you want to bring it down - and I even managed to take a couple of photos!
Sailing back at the end of the second day, and moored in Cowes.
Taken on the morning of the fourth day, with the boat in the marina at Cowes.
Getting ready to push off in the morning with a low rising sun.
Sailing around on the last day, back up with the spinnaker, and preparing to moor at Ocean Village.
Crew photo in the evening, with all the sails on deck behind us. Back row: Richard (1), Cal, Tim Greer, myself. Middle row: Richard (2), Zoe, Tony. Front row: Jim and Alex. The photo on the right is Playstation, the huge catamaran now setting world speed records on a pond near you.